Notice anything different at all here at Keefer Madness?

If you’re reading this from an RSS reader, everything’s the same. But the web site has had a complete overhaul.

For years, Keefer Madness has been utilizing WordPress as its flexible content management, and will continue to for the foreseeable future. But it was time for a new theme— something to help update the visuals, but also to reflect the changes in social media and the web since I introduced the last theme into fruition.

This new theme, is called Irresistible—one of the many free themese over at Woo Themes. The theme, in conjunction with WP-Lifestream allows a quick and easy way to hook in feeds from social networks and the like, and it really cleans up my homepage.

The homepage’s excerpts of the latest posts also will hopefully act as a motivation to write more in-depth and useful posts. Life sometimes gets busy, and I get lazy, posting sometimes nothing more than a single line of text and an off-site link. I’m going to try to do better with that. I’m not promising they’ll all be gems, but going to try to compose longer and better articles as much as possible.

Not only did it allow me to overhaul the visuals, it also allowed me to remove a lot of the plugins I had running on the backend. I’ve noticed the site getting slower with age, and this was my first step. The next may be to cull old and unread posts, though I’m working with my web host provider to see if there are other things I can do first.

While I’ve still got a little polish and the like to do, I’m pretty happy with where the site is at here in 2011 and this new (to me) theme. Let me know what you think of it, and thank you for continuing to read and browse our site.

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