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Time For an Uber-Close Haircut for the Keefer Boys Again

For the fifth year in a row, I’m shaving my head to raise money for pediatric cancer research via St. Baldricks, along with our youngest, Nolan is shaving his for the second year, and Tyler, for his third.

Tyler and Nolan

Happy Sixth Birthday, Nolan

Happy birthday to our sweet, crazy blonde buddy. Nolan, we hope you have a wonderful birthday and birthday weekend!

Completed My First Half Marathon, Ready For My Next

This time last week, well I was asleep, but in just a few hours a week ago, I was up and prepping for my first half marathon. I’ve never been much of a runner, and when a friend and co-worker and I first started talking about running a half marathon, it was kind of a […]

10 Foods to Fuel a 5K

With my second 5K of the year this coming Saturday, seeing this article was pretty good timing — a nice reasonable lists of foods for fueling those short races. As for doing another 5K on the heels of the Kidney Kare 5K last month, I’m really trying to stick to running at least 1 a […]

I Made the News Yesterday

A group of us have been running at lunch. Yesterday, Ben and I just happened to be running by the WRAL camera when Elizabeth Gardner was talking about how chilly it was. That’s me in the bright yellowish green long sleeves and long pants she’s referring to.