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Tyler and Nolan

Happy Sixth Birthday, Nolan

Happy birthday to our sweet, crazy blonde buddy. Nolan, we hope you have a wonderful birthday and birthday weekend!

Shifting Priorities… Time to Say Goodbye to the Consoles?

So priorities change as you get older. I keep toying back and forth with getting rid of the Xbox 360 and/or our Nintendo Wii. With a [near] eight month old in the house, and working two jobs, a bit of freelance thrown in the mix, squeezing in some saddle time on the various bikes, plus […]

Create Your Own Personal Infographic

Thanks to a co-worker, one of my favorite recent adds to my RSS reading is CoolInfoGraphics. Today, they had a post to Create Your Own Personal Infographic via ionz.com/br. For all your English speaking peeps like myself, make sure to hit the British flag in the upper right hand corner. It’s a great concept, but […]

Notice the Lack of Cycling Posts?

Notice the lack of cycling posts? Make that, notice the lack of cycling? The biggest excuse is that currently, I’m working two jobs, bringing in the big bucks.. err bringing in some money. It’s been consisting of a fair number of hours away from the house. Besides missing my wife and little boy, the other […]

Starting to See and Feel Some Results

So I think I’m starting to see some positive results in my cycling from my hard work in the gym and in the saddle. Now if I can translate it into better results in competition. For roughly the past 6 months or so, I’ve been in the gym regularly doing some weight training focused on […]