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Way to Go

Artsy Interactive Web Experience

A co-worker shared this really cool, simple, yet complex interactive web experience. It’s varied in its visuals and audio, with simple controls where you’re controlling a figure through the woods, walking, running and jumping with music and audio the whole time.

Google Fiber - Raleigh, NC

Google Fiber Signing Up First Triangle Customers Today

Google Fiber is signing up people — as of just minutes ago (9am) in the Triangle, if you’re lucky enough to be in the town of Morrisville, NC.

ICYMI, Google Fiber Coming to North Carolina

Just in case you missed all the excitement yesterday, Google Fiber announced in Downtown Raleigh that they are starting the process of bringing Google Fiber to North Carolina.

How a Member of Blink-182 is Secretly Changing the Music Business

Interesting read from Fast Company on one of the former members of Blink-182 and what he’s been doing in the music industry after Blink-182.

Rewarding Web Reading, Not Posting

Have a site where people comment, and it’s quite obvious they’re not reading the whole article before making a comment, often duplicating content or arguing something you address deeper than the first paragraph or two? (more…)