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2014 Specialized Road & Triathlon Bikes – More Disc Brakes & Trickle Down Tech!

I missed this the other day, but sounds like the 2014 will be more than a redesign of the paint jobs on their various road and tri bikes. It’s pretty drool-worthy in my mind. Glad to see the disc brakes haven’t been added to the traditional race bike lines (Allez and Tarmac). I’m such a […]

Hitler Learns that Michael Anthony Won’t Be Touring With Van Halen

I’ve always been a fan of this Hitler Finds Out meme — utilizing footage of the German-made Downfall — really great movie, by the way. But if you’re unaware, the meme is all about rewriting the subtitles. (more…)

50Fifty Gifts To Release Back to the Future Novelties In 2013

While none of these accessories announced for 2013 are earth shattering or super desirable to me, I love that new stuff is still coming out for the BTTF trilogy. I think my oldest would love the coin bank. Maybe a future birthday/Christmas present? Pun intended. 50Fifty Gifts To Release Back to the Future Novelties In […]

Razor Crazy Cart May be the Coolest Kid-Size Drift Car Money Can Buy

Saw this earlier today. I can totally see the family having some fun with something like this, though at $400 a pop, they’re a bit pricey. They look fun though, with a little nod to the big wheels we grew up with — what with their ebrakes on the side and all. Razor Crazy Cart […]

Movie Fake UIs

I love seeing displays and user interfaces in film and TV in general — it’s a love/hate relationship — seeing the creativity but also scoffing at some of the ludicrous things they make technology do and display. Movie FUI