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EVH Stripes

My Thoughts on The Passing of Eddie Van Halen

With the recent passing of Eddie Van Halen, I thought it was time to write something here — my own tribute to the guitar and overall music innovator.

Van Halen Hagar-Era Logo

Hagar Era Van Halen Solos Ranked

It’s cool to see a writeup of the solos of Eddie Van Halen from the Hagar-era. I grew up and was exposed to this era so much more and love it all.

Eddie Van Halen On ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’: “We Recorded Demos For 35 Songs”

I keep reading about Ed having such a back library of unrecorded tunes. Then, he says they recorded almost three dozen songs for A Different Kind of Truth.

Van Halen Rehearsals!

OK, I’m getting slightly excited and anxious for early February 2012’s new album release. Sadly, we won’t get to hear the first single till just a few days before the whole album is released. Anyway, the article below from the Van Halen News Desk drops the bomb that Van Halen has not only been filming […]

Eddie Van Halen's Guitars Through the Years

Guitar World has put together a nice little image slideshow of Eddie Van Halen’s axes through the years. Eddie Van Halen’s Guitars Through the Years