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Ways Running Helps You and Your Body

While the article is titled “Ways That Running Helps Your Body,” I’m pretty sure a lot of this list applies to most forms of regular cardio — as if you needed more excuses to get out there and workout.

The Surprising Truth About Working Out Twice a Day

Nice article weighing in whether two-a-days are beneficial or not. Like any real complicated question with lots of variables, the answer is a resounding, “it depends.” (more…)

My Fitbit Force is Just Fine

I’m a big fan of the Fitbit. I’ve been a constant user of their beefed up pedometers and pre-ordered the original Fitbit Tracker after they were first demoed/announced at the TechCrunch50. (more…)

How to Train to Run Your Half Marathon PR

I’ll take any tips, tricks, etc. anyone out there can take for training for a half marathon. While I’m doing my first half in the fall, I know I’ll hit my PR by default — as long as I can finish. Good article regardless on approaching training for a half. How to Train to Run […]

How to Increase the Calorie-Burning Effects of Running

Increase your calorie burning via high-intensity interval training with your run workouts.