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1Password: Key File Found to Contain Unencrypted Data

While it sounds like the file format here doesn’t expose logins and password — the ultimate fear for password applications, it does expose the name and address of every stored item — not great for privacy and a bigger attack surface for phishing and social engineering.

USB Stick

Got Some Old USB Flash Drives Gathering Dust?

Got some old USB thumb drives in a desk drawer collecting dust? We pretty much all do. I’ve never come up with a good solution for them — especially the ones who are light on the GB (or even MB). But the article linked at the bottom of this post has some ideas.

Half an Operating System: The Triumph and Tragedy of OS/2

I never had any actual hands on use with OS/2, but remember being intrigued by it — IBM’s OS/2 operating system. (more…)

The Trouble with iTunes on the Mac and Windows

While I don’t loathe iTunes as much as a lot of people do, it’s definitely become more and more bloated over the years and is in need of major reworking and rethinking. (more…)

How Skynet Might Emerge From Simple Physics

Came across this the other day after discussing how there’s already a network called Skynet (since 1969). Then, the next day, I realized that the worldwide network, data storage and information storage that Google has amassed is way scarier than anything any of the Terminator movies depict. Regardless, Skynet may emerge from simple physics — […]