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Tyler and Ryan Running

Don’t Hesitate to Call Yourself a Runner

Being a runner can mean a lot of things and is different for every individual. So if you’re putting your feet to the pavement, trails, or whatever surface, shouldn’t you consider yourself a runner?


Runkeeper Gets Acquired by ASICS

Runkeeper Gets Acquired: Last Friday, Runkeeper announced it had been acquired by athletic gear company, ASICS. Only time will tell how this affects the 8-year-old GPS-based activity application.

Ways Running Helps You and Your Body

While the article is titled “Ways That Running Helps Your Body,” I’m pretty sure a lot of this list applies to most forms of regular cardio — as if you needed more excuses to get out there and workout.

Lance Armstrong Tries Beer Mile, Does Not Finish

Armstrong was invited to a local Austin beer mile event where you chug a beer every lap (every quarter mile). The former pro cyclist didn’t fare too well. (more…)

6 Ways Runners Stay Motivated in Colder Weather

I originally started running as a way to still workout outside when it was too cold to be moving at 18 MPH on my road bikes. So my motivation in colder weather is simply staying fit. That being said, these are good ways to stay motivated to run in the winter: 6 Ways Runners Stay […]