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Bike Packaging Modifications Help Cyclists Get Their New Bikes Safe and Sound

A bike company was having a ton of bikes get damaged in transit. A simple package redesign assisted in bikes coming safe and sound.

Bontrager Computer/Stem Integration Concept

Love the look of this computer integrated in the bike stem, but I question the utility. That screen would have to be pretty tiny. I can’t picture the amount of information my Garmin Edge 500 has displaying well on a stem-integrated screen, and I can’t picture me wanting a computer that gave me less data […]

Notice Anything Different at Keefer Madness?

Notice anything different at all here at Keefer Madness? If you’re reading this from an RSS reader, everything’s the same. But the web site has had a complete overhaul. For years, Keefer Madness has been utilizing WordPress as its flexible content management, and will continue to for the foreseeable future. But it was time for […]

Create Your Own Personal Infographic

Thanks to a co-worker, one of my favorite recent adds to my RSS reading is CoolInfoGraphics. Today, they had a post to Create Your Own Personal Infographic via ionz.com/br. For all your English speaking peeps like myself, make sure to hit the British flag in the upper right hand corner. It’s a great concept, but […]

The Gradual Disappearance Of Flash Websites

Smashing Magazine did a wonderful job in the article below, writing up the trends and present and future of the web, the web browser and their technologies. The real gem though is the list of examples below the article that demonstrate various web sites, portfolios, and JavaScript library implementations to show off what is already […]