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Steampunk Mechanical Guitar Effect

Steampunk Mechanical Guitar Effect

I’ve always liked the retro-mechanical look of steampunk stuff, despite its obvious form over function. But function they do. Take this relatively versatile steampunk mechanical guitar effect powered by candle.

Fair Warning Tone Ain’t All the Same

Great little article that goes track-by-track into Van Halen’s David Lee Roth era album, Fair Warning. (more…)

200 Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs – One Take

This is pretty impressive — this guy takes 200 of the greatest rock guitar riffs and plays them back to back to back to back… in one take. So many of these riffs are ones you cut your teeth and/or strive to play. There are a fair amount of Van Halen riffs in there — […]

Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl’s Guitar Gear Rig and Equipment

When you’re a master of multiple instruments and you have an ultra-successful band, you really get the means to experiment with a lot of musical gear. Check out the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl’s guitar gear.

DIY Guitar Pick Puncher

That thing in the picture looks like a stapler, but that ain’t no Swingline. I came across this yesterday— a neat way to create your own guitar 351 style picks out of hard plastic. I’m trying to think what I have that I’d use for this though besides old credit cards or rewards memmbership cards. […]