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EVH Stripes

My Thoughts on The Passing of Eddie Van Halen

With the recent passing of Eddie Van Halen, I thought it was time to write something here — my own tribute to the guitar and overall music innovator.

Chris Cornell

Soundgarden, Audioslave Singer Chris Cornell Dead

It was a real surprise to hear Soundgarden and Audioslave’s lead singer, Chris Cornell had passed away. Though his wife said he was not suicidal, police later ruled it as suicide.


AC/DC to Finish Current Tour With Axl Rose at the Helm

With recent news that AC/DC lead singer/front man, Brian Johnson is at a risk of permanently losing his hearing, AC/DC announced Saturday plans to conclude their European tour with another famous front man — Axl Rose.

Steampunk Mechanical Guitar Effect

Steampunk Mechanical Guitar Effect

I’ve always liked the retro-mechanical look of steampunk stuff, despite its obvious form over function. But function they do. Take this relatively versatile steampunk mechanical guitar effect powered by candle.

Van Halen Hagar-Era Logo

Hagar Era Van Halen Solos Ranked

It’s cool to see a writeup of the solos of Eddie Van Halen from the Hagar-era. I grew up and was exposed to this era so much more and love it all.