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Runkeeper Gets Acquired by ASICS

Runkeeper Gets Acquired: Last Friday, Runkeeper announced it had been acquired by athletic gear company, ASICS. Only time will tell how this affects the 8-year-old GPS-based activity application.


1Password: Key File Found to Contain Unencrypted Data

While it sounds like the file format here doesn’t expose logins and password — the ultimate fear for password applications, it does expose the name and address of every stored item — not great for privacy and a bigger attack surface for phishing and social engineering.

Tweetdeck Virus / Coding Hack Ripping Through Twitter

I came back from lunch, and found I was locked out of Tweetdeck — both desktop app and via the browser. Pretty quickly, I realized there was something bigger afoot.

The Trouble with iTunes on the Mac and Windows

While I don’t loathe iTunes as much as a lot of people do, it’s definitely become more and more bloated over the years and is in need of major reworking and rethinking. (more…)

Miro Video Converter Gets an Update and a Facelift

Nice. This is an application that I use for a single purpose — making web-format videos. It does it well. It’s nice to see it still being updated, and a facelift happening. Miro Video Converter Gets an Update and a Facelift