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Get Ready for UNC Vs. Michigan State on an Aircraft Carrier

Gimmicky, but definitely unique — the concept would be to play a double-header set of NCAA basketball games: one with two service teams (Air Force Vs. Navy or the like), and then a game like Carolina versus Michigan State. But wait, would that be in lieu of the ACC/Big 10 Challenge? It seems frivolous on […]

An LED Flashback: 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship Celebration on Franklin Street

I like tech, and LED technology has fascinated me for many reasons — its efficiency, its low-power consumption and the fact that it’s still relatively new and developing. Now since I’m a Tar Heel, and our season’s long since over (even if you count the NIT). So while many in the area will be pulling […]

My Carolina Bias

As the regular season of college basketball starts to wind down, and all the Tar Heel faithful are hoping for a stellar March in both the ACC and NCAA tournaments, I’ve been thinking about my daily Carolina bias in everyday life. The Carolina bias I’m talking about doesn’t have to do with watching sports per […]

Cameron Indoor Wikipedia Edit

This will probably get changed, but the Tar Heel faithful have made a nice little edit to the Duke Cameron indoor stadium Wikipedia page. As of February 13, 2009 at 2:42pm it reads: For access to major games, including those against the University of North Carolina, students tent for months in an area outside of […]

Hansbrough Sets New UNC Scoring Record

Congrats to Tar Heel senior Tyler Hansbrough for becoming the new all-time career scoring leader at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In tonight’s home game against Evansville, Hansbrough broke the scoring record with just under 8 minutes to go in the first half. Hansbrough Sets New UNC Scoring Record