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Mac OS gets a lot of thing right, and has continued to improve and evolve. But no operating system is perfect for any single individual.Any geek worth anything tweaks the crap out of their machine’s software to make it the most efficient for them and their personality.

Below is a list of software I’ve added to tweak and perfect OS X for me (in alphabetical order):

My Favorite Apps on Mac OS

  1. 1Password1Password – This is likely the first piece of software I install and utilize across any new device. Like any password vault, this allows via one strong password to unlock the vault, access to unique, pseudo-random passwords for every site and app you utilize. I’ve been a happy paying customer of 1Password for over fifteen years.
  2. Alfred – Alfred is one of those apps that I use for a select number of tasks, but I know others have unlocked for a lot more efficiency. I use it as an app launcher, and a way to efficiently execute OS commands like ejecting drives and emptying the trash. There’s a large community that makes add-ons called, “workflows,” to do all kinds of things.
  3. BBEditBBEdit – I think BBEdit might be the longest running Mac application I’ve used and continue to use. I first used it at a job on campus while in college, and it’s a great text editor for messing with anything from HTML/CSS to transforming text and stripping formatting.
  4. iStat Menus – iStat Menus is a whole set of visualizations for your menubar to add at-a-glance information such as network speed, device speeds and local weather.
  5. PastebotPasteBot – There are a ton of multiple items to the clipboard apps like this, but this is mu favorite by TapBots. PasteBot allows you to look at the last number of items you’ve copied, to make you more efficient.
  6. Stay – This is a must have for remembering window positions across multiple monitors. It was a bigger deal before working at home, when there was a different set of monitors with different sets of resolution and positioning. Stay saves and then recognizes monitors, positioning windows back to your saved liking.
  7. TextExpanderTextExpander – I don’t remember when I first stared utilizing TextExpander, but it’s another time-saver. It always listens in the background for a series of keystrokes to expand a text. I’ve got form letters that from a few characters entered, can output a whole email, terminal commands, and a bunch of other things. It also has the ability to add prompts, such as the person’s name so you don’t write out a single thing for a message, email, or much more. I’ve also got often utilized coding pieces like things to add to an .htaccess files or JavaScript snippets for things like click events.


This is not a all-encompassing list, but this hits 90% of the applications I’ve added to every Mac I utilize. Do you have other Mac apps you can’t live without? Add a comment with your favorites for personalizing and making the most of your Mac OS installs.

I’ve happily paid for/licensed all these apps for years and no financial consideration or sponsorship from any of the above companies. I’m just happy to share my love and support these fine software developers and software development companies that continue to support the Apple Mac OS eco-system.

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