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Time Warner Does Not Offer All HD Channels to Cable Card Customers (6 in Total… So Far)

Time Warner Cable + CableCard Doesn't Equal HDTV Love

So we recently switch from DirecTV over to Time Warner cable and went the cable card route, utilizing a single multicard in our new HD TiVo to record all our favorite shows. I was disappointed two, no three times recently by Time Warner’s lack of support for cable cards. Firstly, it took three separate installation appointments to get my cable cards working with the HD TiVo. The subcontractors aren’t trained for installation, and our local Time Warner Cable franchise has like two employees that know anywhere near the inner workings of cable cards and their setup and functionality.

Then, our newest bill from Time Warner announced that three new high definition channels were being added to the lineup. A few days after their addition, I realized they had not shown up in our lineup. Guess why? They weren’t available to cable card subscribers. Then, last week we received a note saying three high definition channels were going away for cable card subscribers. So anyway, below is the note I just emailed to Time Warner. I will follow it up with actual letters as well to the local franchise, and probably to someone higher up.

To Whom it May Concern:

I recently received your communique regarding cable card customers losing three of their high definition channels (ESPN2HD, MHD and UniversalHD). Not only are we losing the ability to tune into these three channels with our high definition package, we also did not receive the recent additions of TBSHD, Golf/VS HD and A&EHD.

I have only recently become a cable card customer, but am already appalled and disappointed that Time Warner Cable treats cable card customers as second-rate customers. It took a total of three installation visits for the cards to get installed, and now we are losing a minimum of six channels.

The cable card standard was created to make an equal footing for customer and cable-related manufacturers to utilize a variety of hardware, but Time Warner is edging toward anti-competitive practices with their discriminatory channel lineup offered to cable card customers. It seems cable card users are punished because Time Warner knows with the current state of the technology, cable card customers will not be using the over-priced features such as pay-per-view and on-demand programming.

Actions such as these make me question why I ever left satellite. They at least offered every channel to every customer.

Ryan W. Keefer


2 Responses to “Time Warner Does Not Offer All HD Channels to Cable Card Customers (6 in Total… So Far)”

  1. Preach it!

    I am not as into the HD channels as you, but I know it’s frustrating.

    Posted by Amanda | October 23, 2007, 2:42 pm
  2. Yeah, losing ESPN2HD and Universal HD sucks. My only hope is that TiVo comes up with some sort of solution to get around the Switched Digital Video (AKA SDV) (which I believe is the reason the channels are going away).

    Looks like there’s a fix the works, according to TiVo:

    Information about CableCARDs and Switched Digital Technology

    Posted by Keefer | October 23, 2007, 3:06 pm

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