Cycling SignAs the days get shorter, and the temperature cooler, it’s time to break out the layers of clothes for riding in the saddle. Over the seasons of riding and racing, I’ve acquired quite the collection of bib shorts, jerseys and socks. But to this day, the cool to cold weather clothing is still pretty thin. I’ve got a single pair of bib tights, a set of arm warmers, a set leg warmers and a set of arm warmers. I’ve got a couple base layer tops, some heavier socks and a couple long-sleeved tops/jerseys of varying materials, but it still pales in comparison to the warm weather riding collection.

I was trying to figure out why there’s such a discrepancy, and it really comes down to a couple of obvious reasons:

  • Frequency – Riding in the summer just happens more often for a number of reasons — longer days mean more opportunity on any given day, warmer temperatures mean more motivation and liklihood of riding on a regular basis.
  • Cost – Cool and cold weather riding means layers, which means more pieces of clothes to buy. Even if each individual piece of clothing isn’t expensive (ha), there’s still more pieces, which add up.
  • Teams – Another reason for fewer clothes to wear in the winter has to do with another “duh”reason. Being part of a team, you’re required to buy a new jersey annually to support the newest set of sponsors and show off the newest designed kits. But those kits are pricey. Most people sink their money into a kit or pieces they’re going to use for racing. The racing calendars are usually pretty barren during the winter, so most only sink cash into the warm weather gear.

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