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6 Ways Runners Stay Motivated in Colder Weather

I originally started running as a way to still workout outside when it was too cold to be moving at 18 MPH on my road bikes. So my motivation in colder weather is simply staying fit. That being said, these are good ways to stay motivated to run in the winter: 6 Ways Runners Stay […]

7 Tips to Ride Through Winter

Seems like this year in North Carolina has had more than its share of cold weather this year — including several bouts of snow and ice. Granted, not a ton of accumulation, but enough to force most of us indoors for our workouts. Active.com has done a great roundup of seven ways to make it […]

Cold Weather Training

These tips are generic enough that they work for cyclists, runners, etc. I’m such a wuss working out outside in the winter, but these are good tips. For me, the balance is finding the right amount of clothing and layers. My feet are always cold, and I don’t think it’s cause of too many layers, […]

Winter Biking Just Part of the Year-Round Commute

Man, do I feel like a wuss. I jump on the indoor trainer pretty much any time under 50 degrees. My feet just get too cold. That being said, I may feel like a wuss, but at least I’m a warm wuss. Winter Biking Just Part of the Year-Round Commute

Winter Storm? Not So Far

So there’s been a ton of talk about a big storm hitting the Triangle. I’ve been chilling solo all day here at the house, and nothing thus far. It’s not even raining here. Amanda’s at Tina’s wedding shower out in the Garner area and she said on the way out, there was some rain. But […]