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Online Product Graveyard – Remembering Defunct Services/Sites

I came across this via Smashing Magazine newsletter, and honestly have thought about doing a micro site on a similar topic of all the web sites, apps and services that have come and gone. The site honors (or not) web sites, applications and technologies that have become extinct.

Apollo 11: The First Men on the Moon Multimedia Web Site Experience

Co-worker shared this yesterday. I’ve never actually seen this footage, or heard these audio loops (air-to ground loop and the flight director’s loop) in their full duration. The whole thing is amazing — obviously the fact that they’re landing on the moon and have audio/video of that, but the web site is a wealth of […]

HTTPS Everywhere 3.0 Secures the Web for Firefox, Chrome Users

If you use Chrome and Firefox, you should use this, securing a lot more of the web by forcing the HTTPS protocal. Since installing it a few weeks ago, I’ve seen no hiccups, nor performance issues. I just feel a little bit more secure thanks to the EFF’s little web browser utility.

How Your Passwords Are Stored on the Internet (and When Your Password Strength Doesn’t Matter)

I tweeted this earlier, but I’m a big fan of strong (and different) passwords for all things computer related. I felt it was worthy of posting to Keefer Madness on top of the earlier tweet.

Down For Everyone or Just Me?

I don’t remember where I first heard about this site, but it’s come in handy a couple times. It is an easy way to confirm whether a problem accessing a given web site is a problem with your ISP or an issue with the web site. I just wish it worked for Internet services as […]