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Online Product Graveyard – Remembering Defunct Services/Sites

I came across this via Smashing Magazine newsletter, and honestly have thought about doing a micro site on a similar topic of all the web sites, apps and services that have come and gone. The site honors (or not) web sites, applications and technologies that have become extinct.

The Gradual Disappearance Of Flash Websites

Smashing Magazine did a wonderful job in the article below, writing up the trends and present and future of the web, the web browser and their technologies. The real gem though is the list of examples below the article that demonstrate various web sites, portfolios, and JavaScript library implementations to show off what is already […]

www.HelpaBikeShop.com Connects Shops, Customers

Here’s a pretty interesting concept to help connect cyclists and bike shops, though most cyclists I know, unless they’re brand new to the area, already have allegiance to a local bike shop. www.HelpaBikeShop.com Connects Shops, Customers

Dropbox – Free and Great Way to Have Some Online Storage

Back in the day when I worked for Apple, having a what was then called .Mac account rocked. I didn’t care about the email address or web hosting, but I loved having the online storage in the form of their iDisk. I mainly used it for seamlessly, having access to key files at home and […]

Systemax Snaps Up Circuit City's Brand and Domain Name

Now why in the world would anyone snap up the name of a company that went out so poorly, that left so many customers unhappy and that deserved to go under? I guess a bad name, is better than no name? Systemax Snaps Up Circuit City’s Brand and Domain Name