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Red Hook Criterium 2014 [Video]

It’s been many-a-year since I’ve raced a bike competitively. But even what I was racing and in the best shape of my life, I can’t imagine racing in the conditions in the video of the Red Hook Criterium up in New York this year.

Bruce Springsteen (With Tom Morello) Cover Van Halen’s ‘Jump’

Man, covers are rarely as good as the original. I definitely have yet to find a good Van Halen cover that is anywhere near as good as the original. I challenge you to find and welcome the comments otherwise. (more…)

11 Year Old Plays Eruption/You Really Got Me With Steel Panther

A co-worker just clued me into a 11 year old guitar player who recently joined the Steel Panther boys on stage.

The Armstrong Lie – Official Movie Trailer

I’m looking forward to seeing this. The filmmaker originally was making a documentary about Lance Armstrong and was given good access during Armstrong’s return with Astana. Armstrong lied to the filmmaker’s face obviously about the whole doping thing — probably among other things. (more…)

Cycling Advocacy: I Am Traffic Colloquium Intro Video

Nice intro presentation from the “I Am Traffic Colloquium” in Orlando. It does a great job talking about and illustrating the problems with cycling on the road as it currently is — including people’s perceptions, inaccurate ideas and some ideas and solutions. (more…)