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How Skynet Might Emerge From Simple Physics

Came across this the other day after discussing how there’s already a network called Skynet (since 1969). Then, the next day, I realized that the worldwide network, data storage and information storage that Google has amassed is way scarier than anything any of the Terminator movies depict. Regardless, Skynet may emerge from simple physics — […]

The Death of the True Sports Car

Technology in general makes tasks easier, faster and more efficient. But in terms of cars, it also takes away some of the thrill and skill.

Samsung Flexible and Transparent Screen

A guy at work shared this on Friday. It’s a commercial that shows a future technology of a flexible and transparent display. So cool. Can’t wait till technology like this is commonplace.

Amazon Prime Members Now Get Free Kindle E-Book Rentals

I saw this yesterday morning and meant to post it. I’m really excited about this, and need to check it out this weekend, though I’ve got a backlog of books (25% through the new Steve Jobs biography). Regardless, the Kindle lending through the local libraries is quite underwhelming. I’m hoping this is a bit more […]

Introducing the Fitbit Ultra. Now Track Stairs, and More!

I’m a big fan of the Fitbit, and have had one clipped to my belt almost daily since I first got mine a little less than two years ago. It’s a great little steps/activity tracker, and I’ve been impressed with their support and willingness to stand behind their product — even with early adopter types […]