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Our Journey with the NC Courage

The North Carolina Courage have become a big part of our family’s lives and we’ll be fans for life. Let me tell you all the reasons why.

Eyes on Stats, Players Hire Help to Crunch Them

As sports and its individual competitors become more and more of a business, it was probably inevitable that players would start hiring the services of people who look at their personal analytics to identify efficiencies and to note trends. Eyes on Stats, Players Hire Help to Crunch Them

The Final Four in 3D

Call me a typical Tar Heel, but with the Heels being banished to the NIT this year instead of the NCAA tournament, the tourney doesn’t hold as much excitement this year. But how excited can I get seeing the Final Four in three dimensions? OK, not a bunch, but I am a fool for new […]

Huge Canes Win

Man, that’s the best hockey game I’ve ever seen in person. Throughout tonight’s match at the RBC Center, the Canes were playing with a cohesion and a spark that I’ve rarely seen watching the Carolina Hurricanes over the franchise’s short history. They played the Calgary Flames, and really stuck it to them. It was a […]

Not My Sport

Great column from bicycling.com. I think this speaks to the majority of cyclists out there. Like any sport, very few of us are doing the sport at the professional elite level. The part that really speaks to me is one singular paragraph buried in the column: I tell myself that cycling is my sport, but […]