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The 5 Biggest Pre-Race Fueling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Thought this was appropriate for today — as I embark on what’s been sadly the longest ride for me so far in 2013. Active.com has a nice succinct list of the most common/largest mistakes before a race or long run or ride. The 5 Biggest Pre-Race Fueling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

I’m Plagued with GymPact and RunKeeper Issues

Just wanted to use my blog as a way to vent today. I’m not sure where the fault lies by GymPact and RunKeeper aren’t playing well together lately, and I find myself having to write a lot of support emails. (more…)

Running a Faster 5K

I’ve been on a running kick lately. It’s easier (and therefore more likely to happen) to gear up and run multiple times during the week during the lunch hour. A friend and co-worker have been ramping up both distance and pace and usually feeling pretty good while doing it. (more…)

I Made the News Yesterday

A group of us have been running at lunch. Yesterday, Ben and I just happened to be running by the WRAL camera when Elizabeth Gardner was talking about how chilly it was. That’s me in the bright yellowish green long sleeves and long pants she’s referring to.

Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

A friend and co-worker sent this over the other day and I thought it was pretty funny. Man, I hope my runs look nothing like any of these.