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Apple Airpods

AirPods: The Apple Product I Never Knew I’d Like

I love headphones for listing to music and in recent years, podcasts, but for my last birthday, Amanda got me a pair of Apple’s AirPods. I had never had any interest, but I use them all the time now.

Quick Game Review: Mondo Solitaire — More Solitaire Than You'll Ever Need

Solitaire is probably the most popular application on all Windows machines — it helps that it’s on every version of the OS since Windows 3.x. On the Mac, it’s not the same. No solitaire is included, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there. Look no further than Mondo Solitaire by Ambrosia Software. A […]

Griffin Slap Review: Retro Meets Techno

Remember back in the 80’s one of the many goofy gimmicks — the slap bracelet? It was the metal bracelet wrapped in a loud color or pattern. Fast forward to 2010 with Apple’s release of their 6th generation iPod Nano — a tiny little square of a music player that features a touch interface and […]

AirCurve Play Acoustically and Affordable Amplifies iPhone 4

I first heard about the Griffin AirCurve with an older model – one designed for an older version of the iPhone, but I never saw, nor heard it in person. It was a curious device, able to passively amplify the iPhone’s tiny little speaker to a higher volume without power – AC or battery. The […]

iPhone 4 Case Review: Unique Finish, Colors Make Griffin Outfit Ice Nice

When the iPhone 4 came out, cases that both fit it and were also attractive, were few and far between. Fast forward a few months later, and there are quite a few, though a lot are your basic glossy or matte black. Enter the Griffin Technology iPhone Outfit Ice line of snap-on cases. The Outfit […]