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Google Fiber - Raleigh, NC

Google Fiber Signing Up First Triangle Customers Today

Google Fiber is signing up people — as of just minutes ago (9am) in the Triangle, if you’re lucky enough to be in the town of Morrisville, NC.

Get Ready for 10-Digit Dialing in the Triangle

The Triangle and its surrounding area is out of phone numbers. Saturday, we’ll all be forced to do 10 digit dialing — not much of a shock to the system for most, as most of the cell networks already required it.

Weekly Sunday Criterium Series in Raleigh to Start in July

The hopes and wishes of a whole bunch of [racing] cyclists here in the Raleigh Durham area is about to come to fruition — some criteriums locally, meaning a better travel to racing time ratio. It looks like Sundays for the next couple months (starting in July) will be full of bike racing at Raleigh’s […]