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Excited For Tomorrow

So I know most of the baby-type posts have now migrated to littlebabyk.wordpress.com, but this one had to be posted on Keefer Madness as well. Tomorrow’s a big day for us. I’m super psyched as Amanda has her ultrasound tomorrow at noon, where we have the chance of finding out the baby’s gender. Not that […]

My Carolina Bias

As the regular season of college basketball starts to wind down, and all the Tar Heel faithful are hoping for a stellar March in both the ACC and NCAA tournaments, I’ve been thinking about my daily Carolina bias in everyday life. The Carolina bias I’m talking about doesn’t have to do with watching sports per […]

Cat4 So Far

So since I’ve upgraded to Cat4 road racing this year, I’ve struggled. But, it’s to be expected as it’s early in the season and I’m competing in a tougher class with longer races. US Cycling has finally updated their site with the official results. So far, here are my results, while not great, are respectable […]

Great Group Training Ride Tonight

Man, the slightly cooler temperatures really setup tonight’s group training ride for a very smooth ride. There were only 7 of us in total – most Tuesday night regulars. I kind of liked the small number. For the most part, we all stayed together and had a good pace. Multiple times I glanced down at […]

Naked Ride

So I rode with the Gyros this evening on the standing Tuesday ride that originates not far from home. It started off on the wrong foot. I got ready to ride out to the meeting place, and my GPS would power up to the splash screen, then go dark. I tried it several times with […]