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State Launches Center for Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Good for Easley for having some foresight to setup this whole project. Granted, I still don’t get the whole plug-in concept fully. To me, it seems like another form of changing dependancies from one pollutant and problem, to another. Switching a bunch of cars away from gas stations, and instead plugging them will mean higher […]

Street Views Comes to Raleigh

Several months back, Google started doing street-level views in the downtown of some major metropolitan areas. Basically, they had vans with a 360 camera of sorts mounted on top, probably linked to a GPS unit to link location to photos. Well it looks like recently, Google added Raleigh to its set of street-level views, which […]

Winter Storm? Not So Far

So there’s been a ton of talk about a big storm hitting the Triangle. I’ve been chilling solo all day here at the house, and nothing thus far. It’s not even raining here. Amanda’s at Tina’s wedding shower out in the Garner area and she said on the way out, there was some rain. But […]

Big Retail Center Proposed at I-40, I-85

Yay! More urban sprawl for the greater Triangle area of central North Carolina – this time at I-40 and the I-85 interchange, and the size of the Streets at Southpoint sprawl. In defense of the building though, Mebane has to travel down to Durham or out to Burlington for a lot of the shops. That […]

More Rain

More rain today – and all the NC reservoirs rejoice!