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Help the Keefer Boys Trio Raise Money for Pediatric Cancer Research

It’s that time again. For the past three years, our family been involved with St. Baldricks, earning money by shaving our heads and getting money pledged in our names. Three years ago, I shaved my head, and the rest of the family was there supporting me. Last year, Tyler joined in getting his head shaved. […]

Ace Speedway Race 2008

Raleigh-Durham Cyclist, Bike Thief Wants Back Into Community

High-end bikes were disappearing from the Raleigh-Durham. It turns out that the convicted thief was once part of our cycling community and group rides.

I Made the News Yesterday

A group of us have been running at lunch. Yesterday, Ben and I just happened to be running by the WRAL camera when Elizabeth Gardner was talking about how chilly it was. That’s me in the bright yellowish green long sleeves and long pants she’s referring to.

Former Apple Human Interface Developer Speculates on Future ‘iWatch’

Sign me up. I love my last generation iPod Nano as a watch. Something that interfaced with my iPhone while it was still in my pocket would be great.

Cycling Safety Expert Killed In Collision With Car

I’ve been out of town (down in Florida), but this has been all over the local cycling scene here in central North Carolina. Local cycling advocate and cycling safety expert, Bruce Rosar was killed in a bike / auto collision in Apex, NC. The driver’s name has not been released, which is probably in their […]