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The Cycling Alphabet: A Poster

Love this poster of cycling gear, accessories and paraphernalia. The Cycling Alphabet: A Poster

The Famous Van Halen Brown M&Ms Contract Rider Gets the Infographic Treatment

I love that the most famous contract rider out there got a nice infographic made up of the contract’s contents. Van Halen’s “No Brown M&Ms” Concert Rider Infographic

Moviebarcodes: Whole Movies at a Single Glance

I love unique and cool visualizations of data. Actually, I like visualizations of data in general. This one is cool, showing the color profile for given movies.

Create Your Own Personal Infographic

Thanks to a co-worker, one of my favorite recent adds to my RSS reading is CoolInfoGraphics. Today, they had a post to Create Your Own Personal Infographic via ionz.com/br. For all your English speaking peeps like myself, make sure to hit the British flag in the upper right hand corner. It’s a great concept, but […]