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Bicycle Bungee

This is a seemingly simple device to match two riders of varying fitness levels without having to go the tandem route. I’ll be interested to read reviews of this as people start to get their hands on it. On the surface, it seems pretty compelling and could be a good way to add into your […]

Evie's Eleven: 11 Tips to Squeeze More Cycling In

Here’s a great short list of suggestions to get more rides in, and get more out of them. As time continues to be at a premium, I really need to focus on the first one from the list: Quality over quantity. My coach always says that when you don’t have a lot of time, focus […]

Not Riding Unsettles Me

So for the past week or so, between being pretty busy at home and work, and then being off and on sick, I haven’t had the chance, nor energy to workout — not a single ride nor run. Over the past couple years, I’ve come to the realization how much working out — especially cycling […]

Easiest Way to Lose Water Weight

Yesterday, Livestrong.com did a great little writeup on losing water weight. It’s all common sense stuff, but good to get validation. Moving to almost exclusively water in conjunction to a near daily bike ride has been a great way to drop some weight for me personally. Easiest Way to Lose Water Weight

FitBit Arrived!

The FitBit I ordered way back in October finally arrived today. Unfortunately, while the unit works, the dock isn’t a snug fit and they’re replacing it. Expect a full review after I get that new one and have used it for awhile. First impressions though is it’s a slick little unit. The little OLED screen […]