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I Made the News Yesterday

A group of us have been running at lunch. Yesterday, Ben and I just happened to be running by the WRAL camera when Elizabeth Gardner was talking about how chilly it was. That’s me in the bright yellowish green long sleeves and long pants she’s referring to.

20-Minute Triathlon Workouts

As I head out for my first 5K in quite awhile, thought this article was a nice find — despite the fact that I’m nowhere near the triathlon level of workout (or distance). Running is something to tide me over till the next bike ride. 20-Minute Triathlon Workouts

What Happens to Your Body on a 30-Minute Run

Man, running at lunch this week has gotten a lot tougher. It can’t be that I’m getting into worse shape, nor do I think it’s a case of overtraining. I think, it just that it’s gotten so damn hot. So much for Spring here in Central North Carolina. Regardless, after the jump, I’ve found a […]

Introducing the Fitbit Ultra. Now Track Stairs, and More!

I’m a big fan of the Fitbit, and have had one clipped to my belt almost daily since I first got mine a little less than two years ago. It’s a great little steps/activity tracker, and I’ve been impressed with their support and willingness to stand behind their product — even with early adopter types […]

Fry Fat with Intervals

This article below from Bicycling.com makes some great and compelling points as to why everyone show incorporate some intervals into their cycling regiment. I especially like the point about boosting your metabolism: Exercise researchers have found that your metabolism stays higher for as long as 12 hours after a vigorous workout, which adds up to […]