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Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze: Fitbit Announces Its First Color Wearable

FitBit Blaze — Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker is the first in their line to have a color touchscreen and looks to be an Apple Watch Sport competitor.

My Fitbit Force is Just Fine

I’m a big fan of the Fitbit. I’ve been a constant user of their beefed up pedometers and pre-ordered the original Fitbit Tracker after they were first demoed/announced at the TechCrunch50. (more…)

FitBit Hack Cuts the Power to Your Gear If You Don’t Work Out

Love my FitBit (when I have a working one in my possesion), and love this hack using the FitBit API. I’m curious to see what else comes out from the FitBit API. FitBit Hack Cuts the Power to Your Gear If You Don’t Work Out

Introducing the Fitbit Ultra. Now Track Stairs, and More!

I’m a big fan of the Fitbit, and have had one clipped to my belt almost daily since I first got mine a little less than two years ago. It’s a great little steps/activity tracker, and I’ve been impressed with their support and willingness to stand behind their product — even with early adopter types […]

FitBit Arrived!

The FitBit I ordered way back in October finally arrived today. Unfortunately, while the unit works, the dock isn’t a snug fit and they’re replacing it. Expect a full review after I get that new one and have used it for awhile. First impressions though is it’s a slick little unit. The little OLED screen […]