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Hard Resetting the Garmin Edge 500

So much like many of the lockups and problems I used to have with my Garmin Edge 305, even the ugliest of ugliest problems with the Edge 500 has been able to be fixed via the two-finger button combination that hard reset the unit. With the Edge 500, that two button combination is the Power/Light […]

Garmin Edge 500 Scrambled Data Screens

Had a really strange thing happen when I powered on my Edge 500 this morning. Garmin logo pops up, detects the HR monitor and cadence sensor. Finds the satellites, but when it goes to the data screen, it’s mainly blank, and what’s there is scrambled. If I page through the screens, they all look the […]

Garmin's New Cycling GPS Adds Features to a Slimmer Package

I was wondering when we’d see an Edge that was slimmer than the dimensions the Garmin GPS-enabled cyclocomputers have had since the Edge 205/305 were first release. Here it is— the Edge 500 series, though I’ve got to say, I’m not a huge fan of the blue/gray design. I really prefer my Edge’s 305 neutral […]