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THIS Is Why Eddie Van Halen Is a Freakin’ Genius!

Fellow guitar freaks, if you haven’t already come across woodytone.com, I highly recommend surfing over there on occasion, or do like I do — just subscribe to their RSS feed to quickly sift through new posts that interest you. Anyway, woodytone.com did a wonderful writeup on the off-the-wall and genius that is (or was if […]

In Defense of Van Hagar

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love Van Halen. In my book, they never made a bad album — with Roth, Hagar or even Cherone at the helm. I appreciate this guy defending the Hagar-era stuff. It’s always been cool to bash Sammy Hagar, and love Dave, but this guy makes a lot […]

Eddie Van Halen Television Cameo on 'Two and a Half Men'

Never have seen the show, but I meant to check it out when Eddie Van Halen made his cameo. But, I missed it… not really sure when the show’s on, nor did TiVo pick it up for me. Hmm, need to check to see if I still have an auto-record wishlist for Van Halen. Thankfully, […]

Guitar Hero Van Halen Official Trailer / Web Site

On the heels of yesterday’s announcement of the full setlist for Guitar Hero: Van Halen, here’s the official trailer and web site for the game. December 22, is quite a way’s off! Van Halen Guitar Hero Official Site

Guitar Hero Van Halen Setlist and Release Date Revealed

Woo hoo! Guitar Hero Van Halen hasn’t been forgotten and is eventually coming out. I was really looking forward to it dropping at its original date here in August 2009. Now it’s coming out just days before Christmas — December 22nd. What a weird release date. But regardless, I’m psyched for this one’s release! Here’s […]