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Clients From Hell

File this under, “Funny cause it’s true.” This is a collection of client horror stories from designers and developers and so many hit way too close to home. Thanks to Bret for sending me the link. Clients From Hell

21 Amazing CSS Techniques You Should Know

I find a lot of the links and ideas I share on Keefer Madness via my RSS feeds to numerous web sites. But this one came from a link someone shared to the Twitterverse. At first glance, this list of CSS techniques seems pretty impressive and definitely worth checking out and bookmarking for all the […]

The Evolution of Tech Companies Logos

Man, it’s amazing how some of the logos in the article below have evolved over the years! I can’t believe the complexity of some of the earlier logos (like Apple). It’s amazing some of those could ever be reproduced in print, etc. Most of the featured companies have over time gone with simpler, cleaner logos […]