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Cycling Advocacy: I Am Traffic Colloquium Intro Video

Nice intro presentation from the “I Am Traffic Colloquium” in Orlando. It does a great job talking about and illustrating the problems with cycling on the road as it currently is — including people’s perceptions, inaccurate ideas and some ideas and solutions. (more…)

Lost Your Phone Charger? Grab a Bike

Cant see having this on my race bike, but seems like a no brainer on a commuter bike. (more…)

Cycling: The Rules

This is a great list, that I may or may not have posted sometime in the distant past, but worth a repost and revisit. These rules are a combination of tongue in cheek and straight up serious, making the perfect combination. (more…)

The Girl Who Outsmarted a Bike Thief and Rode Away

Ahh.. love a good happy ending, especially with some good ol’ bike justice. Quick summary: girl’s bike gets stolen. Bike shows up for sale on Craig’s List. Girl test rides stolen bike and keeps riding. The Girl Who Outsmarted a Bike Thief and Rode Away

How Aero is Aero?

I love stuff and data analysis like this in general. The boys at Specialized tried to do as scientifically accurate as possible look at aero gear and equipment. (more…)