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Steampunk Mechanical Guitar Effect

Steampunk Mechanical Guitar EffectI’ve always liked the retro-mechanical look of steampunk stuff, despite its obvious form over function. But function they do. Take this relatively versatile steampunk mechanical guitar effect powered by candle.

Steampunk Mechanical Guitar Effect

The creator describes it well:

“The Candela Vibrophase is an audio guitar effect that produces a mono output which creates a realistic 3D rotary speaker effect combined with phasing, wah, vibrato and tremolo effects. This hypnotic sound is produced using no batteries or power supply, merely a candle that drives two solar cells and a Stirling heat engine that spins an optical control disc whose design can be controlled by the user.”

Definitely watch the video below to see and hear its overly complicated in the modern world, yet still beautiful output. It’s a real mechanical beauty.

Source: Mac Observer – Candela Vibrophase


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