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Starting to See and Feel Some Results

cycling-signSo I think I’m starting to see some positive results in my cycling from my hard work in the gym and in the saddle. Now if I can translate it into better results in competition.

For roughly the past 6 months or so, I’ve been in the gym regularly doing some weight training focused on weak areas that will help me on the bike. Now, that I’m in the racing season, the weight training has changed from heavy weights, to high reps to work on endurance. Now, that’s been noticeable in visual body composition, but lately, I’ve been feeling stronger on the bike as well.

It started this past Tuesday, at the Ace Speedway race. While the races on the oval aren’t the same as a true criterium – lacking the cornering skills of a regular crit, they are still a test of endurance. I felt better than I have in races earlier in the season, able to stay with the lead pack and adjust to accelerations, etc.

Then, in our team’s sprint ride, I was able to stay on the wheel of much stronger rider and never felt completely gassed.

Sunday, I was in the mountains, where again, my legs felt strong, even in the draining heat and sun of the late April day. I felt much stronger on the climbs than my first trip up there back in January. I was able to dig deeper, and climb slightly faster, and recover quicker.

Finally, tonight, I rode with the Raleigh Gyros for their normal Tuesday ride. The pace was higher than normal and a pair broke away early in the ride. The remaining riders settled into a rotating paceline to reel them back in, which was pretty awesome, yet energy conserving at the same time. Then, on the first of two sprint lines, I was able to secure either first or second (there’s some contention as to where the finish line was). That effort drained me a bit, leaving me spit out from the lead group, but after getting swallowed up with the chase group, I was able to quickly recover, and then bridge up to the lead group just as the ride ended. It felt good.

So all of that has been a real confidence boost this week. My fitness is definitely improving every ride! Now, I just need to start seeing better finishes in competition. It’ll come as my fitness, confidence and bike handling continue to improve.


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