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Waking up this morning, it was a real surprise to hear Soundgarden and Audioslave’s lead singer, Chris Cornell had passed away. The first assumption of most is that it was drug or alcohol related — likely suicide. In the article linked at the bottom of this article though, his wife said he was not suicidal and he did in fact seem in good spirits in the Soundgarden performance last night.

Chris CornellCornell’s wife, Vicky Karayiannis said that she spoke with her husband during soundcheck before he took the stage with Soundgarden in Detroit, and again after Wednesday night’s show. She was reportedly adamant that Chris was “not in any way, shape or form in a suicidal state. She doubled down and said there were no signs he was at all depressed.”

It’s crazy, as Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger and Superunknown were constantly played during my middle school and high school years, and Audioslave’s catalog ever since.

Soundgarden formed in Seattle back in 1984 before breaking up in 1997.

Cornell released a solo album in 1999 before joining the instrumental trio from Rage Against the Machine to create Audioslave. They released three albums before Cornell left the band in early 2007, resulting in the band’s break-up.

Ironically (or coincidentally), Soundgarden ended the show with a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time of Dying.”

While Cornell may not have been suicidal, like many musicians, he did fight substance and alcohol abuse, among other personal demons. The police’s investigation was described by police spokesperson as a “possible suicide” based on unspecified details in the hotel room where Cornell’s body was discovered.

Since that initial statement, police have since officially ruled the death as a suicide.

Musicians across the industry have paid their respects and honored Cornell. Megadeth performed the Soundgarden song, “Outshined” in concert in Tokyo.

Source: – Report: CHRIS CORNELL’s Wife Says He Was Not Suicidal

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