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Shifting Priorities… Time to Say Goodbye to the Consoles?

Mario Kart WiiSo priorities change as you get older. I keep toying back and forth with getting rid of the Xbox 360 and/or our Nintendo Wii. With a [near] eight month old in the house, and working two jobs, a bit of freelance thrown in the mix, squeezing in some saddle time on the various bikes, plus just the usual day-to-day stuff, there’s not a lot of time left over.

But I keep going back and forth. It’d be great to declutter the living room, and make a few bucks on stuff that’s been basically collecting dust for most of 2010.

But on the other hand, they’re still fully enjoyable when they do get the rare boot up — when friends and family are over, or when I get an even rarer solo game on the 360 in. I haven’t bought a game in awhile, getting the last few for both consoles as gifts, so it’s not really costing me a dime to keep them. Thoughts? Opinions?


One Response to “Shifting Priorities… Time to Say Goodbye to the Consoles?”

  1. SELL! 🙂

    Posted by Akeefer | May 19, 2010, 3:57 pm

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