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Kid Drummer A Viral Phenom With Van Halen’s ‘Hot For Teacher’

This 6-year-old kid makes the drums in Hot for Teacher look so easy — which they aren’t. Eat your heart out Alex (and Wolfgang) Van Halen. Pretty cool!

Awesome Van Halen Movie Tribute Video Compilation

I knew about a lot of these, but had no idea on some of these Van Halen references in film over the year. Some my favorite moments in film are in here from films like Back to the Future, Airheads, Superbad and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Pretty cool video compilation of them all. Love […]

David Lee Roth Vents About Van Halen’s Future

Here’s a new interview from just the other day in Rolling Stone with Mr. Non Sequitur himself, making a lot of sense, and not pulling any punches.

The Famous Van Halen Brown M&Ms Contract Rider Gets the Infographic Treatment

I love that the most famous contract rider out there got a nice infographic made up of the contract’s contents. Van Halen’s “No Brown M&Ms” Concert Rider Infographic

Full Blast & Top Down: The Making of Van Halen’s 1984 (Part 1)

Nice multi-part article on the making of the great Van Halen album that brought us tracks like “Jump,” “Panama” and “Hot for Teacher.”