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Game Room Starts Its Morph to Office

So Amanda and I tackled the arduous task of moving my den into the game room after she did some cleaning up in the office first thing this morning. The moving of my L-shaped desk and all the computer components went super smoothly, and I was able to consolidate my stuff into fewer outlets, etc.

That being said, I found out moving the computer setup from its old room, over to the loft put it into a different circuit breaker, that’s at its limits. Having both the game room TV/TiVo combo next to my computer setup was just too much for the circuit, which as it turns out, also has the upstairs hall lights, the laundry room and the aquarium all on the same circuit. Doesn’t seem like very good planning, does it?

The still non-functioning pinball machine sits behind me, though I think that will be moved to storage at my sister’s, as this move to make the game room my new office has left the room feeling quite cluttered. In the coming days, I’m going to revisit the circuit overloads, though I’m not sure there’s much to do, without an electrician’s intervention.


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  1. After a little more experimentation, I think the problem is not an overloaded circuit, or outlet, but rather my old Sony television’s plug biting the dust. My parent’s dog had chewed on the cord and it’s sparking upon plugging it in.

    Posted by Keefer | January 26, 2009, 7:44 am

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