I love the whole music video game genre and have spent countless hours across all the games I’ve played — from Guitar Hero II to Rock Band 2 to Guitar Hero: Metallica (and soon Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: Van Halen)

But making tracks for the game, taking 20-40 hours? Screw that. I’ll happily plunk down $2 for a track over spending 20-40 hours for a home grown one. I can’t see too many individuals going to that length to make tracks.

It sounds like the tools for composing are PC-based, which counts out Mac users (unless you’re running a VM tool like Parallels Desktop). Also, only PS3 and 360 can utilize the tracks. No Wii support at all. That may be a memory or other hardware limitation of the slower/older technology of Nintendo’s current platform.

Regardless, I’ll be interested to see how this plays out and the volume of tracks that actually pop up.

Rock Band Network Tracks Will Take 20-40 Hours to Create

One thought on “Rock Band Network Tracks Will Take 20-40 Hours to Create”
  1. I think you’re misunderstanding the market for RBN. The tools are for bands/labels/musicians to be able to make their own songs into ROck Band tracks–not for the average Rock Band Gamer. If I were (still) in an original Band, I’d jump all over this. Given the amount of time it takes to create, record and mix a new song, and extra 20-40 hours doesn’t seem that bad to make it playable (and sell-able) in Rock Band. Heck–we once spent 5 hours just getting the snare sound ‘just right’.

    My guess is that there will be a lot of really good music (from serious bands who want to make it) and a lot of crap that sounds like it was done in an afternoon.

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