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Rest Day

Ryan Keefer, Tricyclist, PosterizedRest is important in all facets of life. Your body needs time to repair and recover. So does your mind.Today was intended to be such a recovery day for mind and body.

It wasn’t a total rest day. Yesterday was the yard blitz. Today we focused on the interior. I vacuumed the entire house and shampooed the front room. I also did the annoying task of cleaning our aquarium.

I’ve got a race Tuesday night and my legs have been more sore than usual. So I didn’t want to do anything too taxing. I’ve still got my bike commute tomorrow so today was a day totally out of the saddle. It was tough though not to hop on for a quick ride on such a nice Sunday.

So now the day is over and there’s a full work week ahead. I wish I could have totally vegged out today, shut my brain off and played a ton of GTA IV. Oh well. The work we did this weekend cleaned up the house in and out. Hopefully my day totally off the bike will pay dividends on Tuesday night’s race. More ok that soon.


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