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Renovations Update

Here it is 12:45 on a Friday night (really Sat. morning) — later than I usually am ever up these days. Rather than just returning from a night out with JC, Krishna and John, Amanda and I have been slaving away on the ol’ townhouse. I’m am now completely finished with retiling two of our bathrooms. I’ve removed and replaced all three toilets and none are leaking! I’m about 6 tiles and about 3 times that in cuts to the tiles and I’m all done with the bathroom flooring.

Amanda’s been doing a great job painting. We’re done with the downstairs now completely, save the area behind the aquarium where we can’t get to till that’s moved.

Tomorrow morning, Amanda, me and JC will get the high area going up the stairs and painting will be done! I’ll be up early to knock out those few tiles and we’re almost ready to put this sucker on the market! Woo hoo!