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Raleigh Business Leasing Tesla 3’s for All Employees

Tesla Model 3This is quite a perk, or at least a way to get headlines and attentions, not to mention assist in a bit of recruiting for a local Raleigh business.

Raleigh-based Practichem announced yesterday morning that it would lease a Tesla Model 3 for each of its current and future employees. The company currently has 16 employees, and is shooting for mid twenties in the near future.

The company’s CEO said the move was to have its employees thinking about innovation even in their daily commutes. Regardless of the announcement, Tesla won’t be delivering leased cars to Practichem or anyone else in the near future. Tesla announced Wednesday that it would sell $1.4 billion in stock to speed production of the launch and disclosed it already had 373,000 pre-orders for the Model 3 sedan as of May 15.

Source: Triangle Business Journal – Raleigh company to offer all employees new Tesla Model 3 cars


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