iphone-3gsAt work and in the car (when I’m in the 4Runner), I spent a bunch of time listening to music — a random mishmash heavy on Van Halen, Metallica, Kelly Clarkson, Foo Fighters, etc. But the rest of the time, I have a cache of podcasts that I subscribe to and listen to religiously in a combination of work background noise and driving background noise.

Maybe a couple of them are ones you’ll enjoy as an occasional alternative to listening to your iTunes library, radio or a CD. All are free to download and can be grabbed via iTunes, and most are available multiple other ways as well (web, TiVo, etc).

All links will open in iTunes:

Diggnation — Weekly video podcast that features Digg.com founder Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht sitting on a couch, drinking and talking about some of the most popular stories on Digg.com for that week.

The FredCast Cycling Podcast — Semi-weekly audio podcast made specifically for road cyclists, mixing product reviews, cycling interviews, and some professional cycling news.

HD Nation — Weekly video podcast hosted by Patrick Norton and Robert Heron all about the latest in high definition entertainment: HDTV’s, Blu-Ray, etc.

Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy — Rebroadcast of Leo Laporte’s radio show. I used to listen to this when we had XM satellite radio. It’s Leo’s call in show on technology. Sometimes, it’s a little elementary. Some of the callers are beginners in the ways of tech. But with listening to it as a podcast, you can scrub through the basic stuff or uninteresting.

Real Time with Bill Maher — Audio podcast of Bill Maher’s HBO weekly show. This is a great way to get access to Bill Maher’s show without having to have a subscription to HBO. It is audio only, save an occasional video clip in the stream, so some of the visual gags are lost. Also, on occasion, the podcasts are edited strangely or incorrectly to the point where content from a given show is missing or repeated.

ROFL — Weekly video podcast that’s a quick montage of stand-up comedians. This one is hit or miss in terms of funniness, but worth subscribing to.

Shobiz Newsy News — Occasional animated video podcast with a humorous take on the latest celebrity news. Pretty funny stuff, but isn’t regularly released.

Tekzilla — Weekly video podcast with Patrick Norton and the smart, funny and cute Veronica Belmont about technology, gadgets, etc. They also do a daily tech tip of the day, though I usually only watch/listen to the weekly longer format show.

This Week In Google — Newer audio podcast on Leo Laporte’s podcast network about the newest tech in Google’s world and cloud computing in general. Sometimes, it’s a bit dry and too detail for me, but still listen to it nonetheless.

this WEEK in TECH — Weekly (duh!) audio podcast about the latest news in technology. This is one of my favorite (and original) podcasts to religiously listen to. It features a bunch of old TechTV alum, hosted by Leo Laporte and a rotating cast of other people including John C. Dvorak, Patrick Norton, Kevn Rose, Jason Calacanis, etc.

Tiki Bar TV — Video comedy podcast centering around a bar. Each show features a mixed drink recipe that is rolled into their little comedy bit. Usually pretty amusing. Lately, episodes have been few and far between.

The Totally Rad Show — Video podcast that does great reviews video games, movies, TV and the like. This and “this WEEK in TECH” are my two favorite podcasts that I listen to almost as soon as they’ve been released. The production value on the show is amazing for a pretty much four-person crew/operation.

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