It’s been a long time since there’s been a new post on Keefer Madness — the last one about the passing of Eddie Van Halen nearly a year ago (October 6th will be the one-year anniversary of his passing, and my post wasn’t till a month after that). Regardless, here’s to posting more than once a year on the site, and hopefully, some that aren’t about negative things.

This isn’t one of those posts though.

It’s been a rough few weeks — lots of work resignations, like so many companies, my employer is also experiencing people looking for new challenges, chasing new money, and looking for different opportunities. Two of the recent people moving on to new jobs and adventures were people I was close to and have affected my day-to-day, adding stress. That’s been small potatoes though compared to the bombshells coming out of the NWSL this week.

I was physically ill all day Thursday, (and still not feeling 100%, nor anytime soon) after reading about the allegations. I’ve been in press conferences, talked with the accused coach on many occasions. Back after the NC Courage won the 2018 NWSL Championship in Portland, we were in the after-party with him and the entire team, along with friends and family. I’ve always felt to be a pretty good judge of people but had no indications then or anytime since.

Amanda, Jess McDonald and RyanIt’s haunted me since Thursday on so many levels, and it’s nowhere near what these NWSL players have to be feeling, whether they had a similar experience as the two players who’ve come out with stories of abuse, coercion, and grooming, or are feeling the things we’re feeling here — shock, anger, betrayal, among many other fears. So many of the former players have to have doubts about their own trust barometers, what they’re working for and towards. It’s absolutely breaking my heart thinking about what so many are going through these past few days.

Coaching/Leader’s Duties

As an off and on youth coach myself, I’ve all had to do training and background checks, and it’s gut-wrenching going through those, reading, understanding, and learning about the things you need to look out for — this whole NWSL situation that started unraveling Thursday morning is all straight out of that training — all the things you’re taught to look out for, all the subjects and situations you need to be sensitive and observant of, and it’s all failed in a professional league.

Rightfully so, said professional league postponed this weekend’s matches. I’ve gotten to know so many of the NC Courage players and staff, running Courage Country, and as a multi-year season ticket holder. I consider several as true friends. I’ve got nothing but respect and want the Courage players and the club to be successful on and off the field, and ultimately the league. But not under these circumstances.

Humans Have to Do Better

How can humans be so evil, so selfish, and so short-sighted? All and all, I want to feel there’s a sense of protection for people who are victimized, and there’s justice for those victimized in the NWSL and far beyond. Moreover, I’d love to see people’s faith in humanity partially restored for these players and for myself too. It’s slightly cliché but would love to see some restoration of faith in humanity through empathy, selflessness, and ultimately, integrity.

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