Power Wheel Tire Upgrade

Power Wheel Tire UpgradeEvery time my in-laws are in town and my wife takes some time off, there’s always a set of maintenance, upgrades and projects that go down. They always involve multiple trips to Lowe’s, among other places. The most recent one ended up also having an accompanying video produced.

Peg Perego & Power Wheels Tire and Traction Upgrade Video

Several years ago, our eldest son, Tyler, got a big present from his grandparents in the form of a Power Wheels-like vehicle in green and yellow — a toy version of a John Deere Gator vehicle. Over the last few years, we saw him grow with the vehicle — his manuevering and skill behind the wheel improving.

But over the years, the battery and its connections became problematic. With our second boy, Nolan, now three, we recently resurrected Peg Perego John Deere Gator — replacing the battery and crimping on new connector. Basically, we got it back up and running for Tyler to experience the Gator again, and watch Nolan progress in the same way behind the wheel that Tyler had several years back.

Unknowingly while at work last week, on top of adding a kick plate to our home’s front door and fixing the majority of window’s latching, my wife, Amanda, and father in-law, Larry, also decided to do an upgrade to the John Deere gator that we’ve toyed with for awhile. It’s a modification that a friend of ours had done on their son’s Gator. The Peg Perego manufactured Gator has hollow plastic wheels. They’re not great for traction, and slip a lot when you first hit the gas. Screwing a mountain bike tire around each plastic wheel gives the vehicle a lot more grip.

In preparation for doing that upgrade, Amanda and Larry went to YouTube and watched a lot of videos on upgrading the wheels of the Gator. Doing it themselves, they decided they could tweak the process quite a bit and education others at the same time.

The product of that is the video below, that I helped them film, produce and publish.

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